Mountain Models Tantrum

Manufacturer Mountain Models
Wingspan 37"
Length 37"
Weight without battery 10.2 oz
Weight with battery used 13 oz.
Motor Mini AC1215/16
Gearbox Mini AC 6:1
Prop GWS 12x6
ESC Castle Creations Phoenix 25
Batteries 3S Etec 1200 Lithium Polymer
Receiver JR610 mini
Servos 4x JR-331


It seems as though every airplane kit being manufactured today claims to be a 3D machine.
In reality many end up as really nice sport flyers but fall short of whats really needed for 3D.
Enter the Tantrum. This one delivers. Read on.


The Kit

This was my first experience with Mountain Models so I had no idea what to expect. Man, was I pleased when I opened the box.
This is a well packed, high quality, laser cut kit. It came with rolled plans and one of the best assembly manuals I've ever seen.
While this plane is not designed for beginning pilots, I do believe a neophyte would have no problem building this kit. It literally
snaps together like a jig-saw puzzle.


Tail Group
All parts in the tail group interlock together with a good snug fit. No glue is needed to hold them together until after they are completely built.
Then a touch of thin CA on each joint and your done in a matter of minutes.


Here again the ribs, spar, and trailing edges all interlock together.Quick and easy.
I really like the way the two wing halves join. Each half has a lite-ply joiner that slides
into the fuselage. They are held together (and against the fuse) with two screws. The
zero dihedral and incedence is automatically set for you.



As in other parts, the fuselage sides interlock with formers, truss pieces and bottom sheeting.
There really isn't much to say about a kit that goes together so easily.


During fuse construction you will build the cowl and motor mount. Both can be seen here.


Three and a half hours after opening the package, here she sits. Still have to cover and install
radio equipment. BTW..what you see here weighs 3.2oz.


The main gear had a lot of thought put in it. It installs and removes easily should you want to land in high grass
but will not fall out in flight



I chose the recommended covering Lite-Span (also available from Mountain Models). This is the first time I've worked with it,
and I've got to admit it was a bit of a challenge. This stuff has the texture of Saran wrap. But it's not too bad once you get the
hang of it. Except for hinge tape and glue, all hardware, wheels, EZ connectors and even Velcro is included in the kit. The manual
does an excellent job describing the final assembly and servo installation.

Flying report will be published in a few days. I've had two flights so far, both in a 10-15 kt wind.
Enough to know I'm going to like this bird as soon as the hurricanes move away from
Coastal North Carolina.