July 14, 2007

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The day couldn't have been nicer.
We had lots of raffle prizes.
There's a happy prize winner now!
The chow gang flexing for busy day.

Impound stayed
busy all day.
Pilots choice winner Bobby Andersen
RDRC won peoples choice 2 yrs in a row.

CD overheard saying "Gotta keep an eye on RDRC bunch"
Candy drop was a big hit!
Gotta love these logos
Hey AMA! We were prepared.

Dozens of kids flew with help of Bob Andersen
Great spectator turnout.
The man that made it all happen...Tim Nunn
One of our younger members Jeff Ebron

Some of the guys just
came to hang out!!!

There was even a flying lawnmower!
And did fly.
Pretty good for trim work too.

A Few of our Sponsors.....Thanks guys!

Ingenuity at its best
Looks like a State job!
The Target
Hmm...maybe the wind will blow

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