CCRCC Summer Sizzler 2006

July 15, 2006

Well, it lived up to its name. It was hot but in spite of promised rain for several days prior 32 pilots and approximately 100 spectators showed up for a great day of flying, eating, and friendship.

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John Price (left) and Hoke Page preparing for a busy day at the grill.
A well loaded parking lot.
Trailer Alley.
Bob Andersen flying while Eric Hargett spots for him.
I included this one because it shows off our sign.
A vintage float plane built and flown by George Marsden.
Ohio Model Products Hybrid Edge oviously built by a master.
A look down the flight line.
Another look.
Sorry, I didn't know everbody's name.
Jay Benson flying while Larry Lewis looks on.
Robert Vess and Larry Lewis from RDRC.
(doing what they do best)
Also from RDRC Josh Bunn at the sticks while Jay Benson spots.
Chief cook and bottle washer Hoke Page shows off his Fokker.
Hoke again with another of his beautiful fleet.
Jim Walsko with his Great Planes Cap.
Tim Dail at the sticks....Dave Brown spotting.
Larry Stenhouse in the middle. Can someone help me with the names of the other two?
(L-R) Nelson Phillips, Kelly Seymour, and Ronnie Small
Man, what a rough looking bunch this was.
Now the grills cookin!
There was a ton of spectators.
Some of the spectators were pretty easy to look at too!
Phillip Whaley and Jennifer Fillion kept the impound under control.
Futaba sponsered Elton Fairless did a super noon time demo with his 40% Extra.
Robert Andersen won the raffle prize....a Blade Heli.
Not only was RDRC well represented they took home the peoples choice award for their great Outlaw demo.