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The Richard Caswell Aeronauts are not only a great bunch of people, they have a beautiful flying site.
Flying in Kinston is always enjoyable
Check in and impound management went smoothly.
Chief cook and bottle washer Glenn Sanders does his magic with the grill.
Dick Pettit of RC Reports fame showed up with a beautiful Hangar9 Cessna powered by a Zenoah G26. Not only does Dick build and write, he's also handy with the sticks.
Frankie Coburn of Greeenville posing with his Super Cub. Frank makes this bird look like the real McCoy in the air.
Mark Farmer with his tried and tested, very aerobatic Pitts bi-plane.
Geesh...sorry folks. I forgot this gents name. Someone help me out here.
Bernie Ottinger with his Carden Cap 232. Powered by a DA100 Bernie really puts it though its paces.
Here again I apoligize. Dick Pettit introduced me to this gentleman and I've forgotten his name.
Kelly Sanderson showed up on his Harley.

BTW...The Placard at the top of this page was designed and printed by Bernie Ottinger.
For quotes on having one designed for your event contact Bernie at Right On Signs