An R/C Night Before Christmas. 
T'was the night before Christmas and all through the
Not a crankshaft was turning, not even a prop.
A wing panel was hung from a rafter with care, 
The silk was still wet, and it needed the air.
The modeler was nestled all snug in his bed,
While visions of fresh nitro danced in his head.
His wife, and his kids, and the dog in the hall,
All dreamed of the morning when the'd all have a ball.
Then all of a sudden there arose such a clatter,
He sprang from his bed to see what was the matter.
He saw such a scene that his heart darn near stopped.
He cried out in anguish,"I've blowm my poor top!"
For what to his wondering eyes now displays, 
But eight R/C planes hitched to one big red sleigh.
St.Nick was the driver, and held in his hand
An R/C transmitter - t'was a well known name brand.
And Santa was talking to all those great planes;
And calling them out- each one by their names;
"Now Kadet, now Tri-Star, now Kaos, now Hellcat,
Now Spitfire, now Cessna, now Piper and Bear,
Make sure this poor character will always remember
The year Two Thousand and Two, in the month of December.
With that he unfastened them all from his sled
And stacked them all round the old modellers bed.
Then Santa from his sled took a gigantic bag
Full of presents that made his old knees start to sag.
There were servos and props and engines a-plenty,
Some old vintage kits from the year nineteen twenty.
There were peanut scale kits of every known type, 
There were monoplanes, biplanes and even a tripe.
There was monokote, trim film, and plenty of dope
And more Hot Stuff than a modeller could hope.
The modeler just stared and feasted his eyes,
It was hard to conceive such a mighty suprise.
And Santa looked down on all those great planes
And patted each one and called it by name;
"Bye Kadet, bye Tri-Star, 'night Kaos and Hellcat,
'Night Spitfire, 'nite Cessna,'Bye Piper and Bearcat"
I'm leaving you all with this modelling friend, 
And perhaps I'll have helped to start a new trend"
Then he went to his sled and reached down inside,
And fired up a Dynajet for the rest of the ride.
Oh, doubt not my story - I swear it is true,
If you breath enough dope - you'll see this thing too!!.
But now I'm exhausted for something to write, so