WARNING!!Some of these photos may not be suitable for younger or more sensitive viewers.
While we regret the loss of any aircraft we do appreciate you sharing your photos with us.
If you have a crash you're proud of, send it to me and I'll post it for you

Here's a few to get us started.
(the names have been omitted to protect the guilty)
Now listed most current first!!!

ESC Failure makes for a bad day!


RC Fying....A Family Adventure!!

Bill Dickerson sent these photo's of his Rascal to emphasize the importance of a pre-flight check.
Apparently the screws holding one of the wing struts was not tight. And yes...the struts are functional.
(BTW....Bill says it will fly again)

So this is what happens when you Drink Beer and fly at Night in a Pecan Orchard....hmmmm.

40%er goes end over end (Thanks to RDRC website for photo)

Cute Little Quip to be added later.

Yes....Foamies can crash too!!

Who put that silly house on the runway??

SU-26 Sukhoi.......well it was.


Cadet Senior ARF......Exploded for no reason at all! Honest..

Darn it!!! Wife left the garage door down again.

How to turn a Sig Extra 300


35% Extra 300 Before


New Pack + Dead Cell = Dead Preditor
Thanks Cermark!!

Earth 1.....Big Stick 0

He's had better landings.

Sig 25% Edge ARF (hangar rash?)

Not much of a crash, but a heck of a recovery.

Is that a crying towel in his hand?

A bad day on the ole heli-pad

Doc would be heart broken if I didn't include this one.

ot forn "
And a quote from Doc. "Pat does it again!"

You should see the LT40 that flew into this Carden Cap. can. Look below.

This is what a Sig LT40 looks when a 35% Cap flys through it. Ooops!

You can do? Well maybe not.

Extra 300?

Even the Electrics Can Have a Bad Day

The Landing was just a Tad Short

Who says a 120 size plane won't fit in the back of a Tercel?

Bobby's Fish Head

Stick For Sale. Needs minor work.

H9 Twist.....maybe a little too much twist.

It was doing fine right up to the landing!

Yet another Stick. This one fits nicely in the trunk of a compact car.

Tower 40 size Kaos ARF (unArfed)

This was a 35-40% Extra.

Keep those photos coming!